Information about the Korg RADIAS

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Listen to the Korg RADIAS in decent quality stereo:

Yamaha MSP5A active nearfield monitors, Roland KC550 180W keyboard combo amp/speaker (x2), Peavey KB 5

Create tracks with your Korg RADIAS and a multitrack recorder:

Korg 4-Track digital recorder, Korg D888 digital recording studio, ZOOM 8-Track portable digital recorder, Fostex 8-track hard disk-based recorder


Korg RADIAS Description

This important new synthesizer, which lends it's technology & sounds to other new Korg products (e.g. Kaoss Pad KP3, Kaossilator, MicroKorg XL, R3, Korg M50 & M3) has Multi-Modelling Technology (MMT) - that's analogue, PCM, FM and formant (vocal sounding) waveform generation all in one box - and it has a powerful vocoder.

Well reviewed so far and spectacularly capable, it's a step forward in usability as well as in physical format, the guts of the synth being detachable & rackmountable. A looker.

Size: 35" (W) x 15" (D) x 4" (H) flat

weight: 19lb plus 6lb

Full specification of Korg RADIAS

Marketing blurb for Korg RADIAS

Korg RADIAS reviews

Sound on Sound April 06

Remix mag Sept. 06

Keyboard magazine Aug. 06

Korg RADIAS resources

RADIAS easystart guide

RADIAS full manual

RADIAS detailed MIDI spec.

Korg RADIAS driver & firmware updates

Sound editing s/w for PC & MAC

Alternatives to the RADIAS

Korg MS2000B, Korg M3

Clavia Nord Lead 3

Access Virus TI

Roland V-Synth

Moog Voyager Electric Blue

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